Body Treatments

Body treatments

'Spa Mosaic'Aromatic Massage 1hr - £55.00

The exquisite treatment combines unique oriental massage techniques with DECLEOR's warm Aromatic Massage Balms to offer a highly personally prescribed treatment tailored to your individual needs ...

Detox - Aromatic Balm Detox with 100% natural blend of detoxifying essential oils, targets fatty areas, eliminates toxins, reduces water retention and refines overall skin texture.

Relax - The heavenly Aromatic Balm Relax melts away all feelings of tension throughout the body with its 100% natural blend of soothing essential oils. Refreshing yet calming vapours gently awaken the senses and engender an overwhelming sense of peace.

Tonic - A blissful anti-ageing treatment using Aromatic Massage Balm Tonic, a 100% natural blend of regenerative essential oils. The body is simultaneously relaxed and revitalised and the skin is left soft, smooth and perfectly toned.

Flow - Aromatic Massage Balm Flow, with its 100% natural blend of stimulating essential oils eases tight aching muscles and leaves the skin looking and feeling revitalised.

'Spa Mosaic' Envelope Treatments 1hr - £42

Experience the complete escapism of these luxurious aromatherapy body treatments, cocooned in a heated blanket, which maximises the benefits of the individual masks depending on your specific needs...

Detox - Exfoliation, massage and a marine algae mask rich in minerals breaks down fatty deposits, drains away toxins and eliminates water retention, producing a more refined figure, increased energy and smooth soft even skin.

Relax - After a gentle exfoliation, warm Aromatic Massage Balm Relax is smoothed over the entire body followed by a sumptuous hydrating creamy mask. As you lie in a heated blanket the balm gently permeates the body and produces a profound and long-lasting sense of well being.

Tonic - Instantly increases your skin's radiance. The combination of an invigorating exfoliation and the Aromatic Massage Balm Tonic, with its unique blend of toning, firming and anti-ageing ingredients, leaves your skin toned and wonderfully soft.

Flow - Feel all muscular tension melt away with this refreshing and energizing treatment. After a luxurious full bodt exfoliation, and a brisk friction massage that eliminates dull skin, a heated blanket will be wrapped around your body to encourage cellular
exchanges, eliminate toxins and remove excess fluid.

Perfect Contour 1hr - £39.00

Detoxifying - Specifically designed to target vulnerable areas such as hips, thighs, bottom and stomach this treatment drains away toxins,reduces water retention and cellulite and promotes a profound sense of wellbeing.

Aroma Back Relief with Massage 30 mins - £20.00

For the ultimate relaxation,muscle tension and stress built up in the back of the neck and shoulders is gently eased away with aromatic balms and a soothing massage.



Service  Price
Leg/Bikini/Underarm £24
Leg & Bikini £18.50
Full Leg £15
Half Leg £11
Full Arm £11
Forearm £11
Bikini £7.50
Underarm £7.50
Lip or Chin £5
Eyebrow Shape £5.50
Back or Chest £15